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Lighting Control

Lighting control allows easy control of one or more groups of lights. Light levels can be changed individually or in groups and set automatically by time of day, by a keypad, or even a personal device such as an iphone or iPad.

In most cases a lighting control system can easily be added at any time to an existing home, providing convenience, security and energy-savings. Mood lighting is quickly adjusted to fit any setting, for movie watching, enjoying a romantic dinner for two, or simply to make your home look it's most beautiful. Pathway lighting is another commonly used feature to light a path from the master bedroom to the kitchen for a late night snack.

Kitchens are another very popular room to integrate lighting control as there are often between 6-10 switches to adjust if done manually. Clients love to learn that they can eliminate unsightly multi-gang wall switch boxes, simplifying the look to a single keypad. Not to be overlooked is the need for mechanical light control. Solar Shades can be automated by time of day or by a touch of a button. This helps control unwanted light in a room and even protect your furniture and flooring from fading      .                      

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