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Today, home audio systems let you listen to music wherever you want. Inside, or maybe outside on the deck or by the pool. These audio systems come in a variety of configurations, but we'll help you choose the best options for you and your family. The best thing about our whole home audio systems and home theater audio is the ease of control you will experience. Stream YOUR music from an iPhone, iPad, Android device or PC to any part of your home. You can even mute and change volume right from your device. (Handy around a Pool, Garden or the BBQ pit!)

Our clients love that their music can follow them. Dad can be pool side listening to an out-of-market internet radio stream of his favorite team, Mom singing with Adele in the kitchen and the kids streaming all of the newest acts on Pandora. Each in their own rooms, and each with separate control!

As a SONOS dealer and qualified installer, Cinema Spaces can offer you the best wireless home audio system on the market. With a perfect combination of HiFi sound, rock-solid wireless connectivity, and versatile controls, Sonos wireless home audio system can deliver the experience you've always wished was possible.


Sonos Home Audio Dealer and Installer

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