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When should I contact you about my project?

We can offer the most assistance when involved early in a project. Even at planning stage. Lighting Designs can eliminate wall clutter. Simple and inexpensive construction techniques can help keep the rumble INSIDE the theater. Wires will be neatly organized and hidden from view.

Do you sell the equipment?

Yes, Cinema Spaces sells and recommends the models and brands that we believe are best suited to our clients needs. We focus on our clients specific needs rather than try to move a particlar brand. 

Do you have a showroom?

Each home and homebuyer are unique. As such, we've found no good way to demonstrate a perfect project solution to all. However, after over 10 years in business we are blessed with great relationships with many of our clients. Some of these have kindly offered access to their homes in order to demonstrate a similar system. We also feature pictures here on this site to show the quality of our work and can provide builder and homeowner references.

Can I buy all of the equipment on the internet?

You do so at your own risk. Most often manufacturer warranties will not be valid. Nor will they allow service or repairs. Be cautious too of knock off products that are not the product advertised. Scheduling can also be affected if the parts are not on hand at the time of installation, costing more due to additional trips. Further, the system design itself may be compromised and not function as required.

Do you provide Manufacturer Warranties?

Yes. Cinema Spaces honors all manufacturer warranties that apply to newly purchased equipment. Each manufacturer is unique, however, and offer varying warranty protection.  Cinema Spaces provides a one-year installation warranty that guarantees our labor for one year from the date of installation. Additional Extended Warrnaty Plans can be obtained at the time of purchase. Typically these plans extend between 3 to 5 years.

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